Are you currently wanting to step into a new roll but are unsure of the culture or work environment of where you are potentially applying to? Then look no further than Capgemini Invent’s monthly Friday lunches where we provide you with the opportunity to talk with Invent employees who recently sat at a similar stage of their careers as you currently do. 

To apply for this, all you must do is submit you registration for the event at least 3 days before the event with a copy of your CV and/or link to your LinkedIn profile with the team you are interested in joining listed as well. This gives the team members you are about to meet an opportunity to ensure you are discussing with the right team or if another may be better suited based on your skillset and work experience.

The lunch is from 12:00 til 13:00 o'clock. This opportunity has limited numbers that fill up quite quickly so please be sure you apply as quickly as possible using the link below. This will ensure you have the best chance possible to learn more about a workplace you are interested in from the very people who were in your position not so long ago.  

Please be aware that whilst this is a great opportunity for learning and networking, do not mistake this as a process within the ‘selection’ process of applying for a role at Capgemini Invent. This is purely a chance for you as a potential candidate to learn more for yourself to ensure you make a decision that best suits you in regard to whether or not you should apply.

Register here