There are different ways of structuring an organization or process, based on the goal or strategy chosen. And the architecture that is the best fit for that differs from company to company. That is why you are indispensable as an architect. Because with your overview and knowledge of business processes, supporting applications, underlying technologies and the information people need to do their work, you provide real customization. And you ensure that a company can perform optimally.

Enterprise architecture and Delivery architecture

At Capgemini, we have many kinds of architects, such as business architects, software architects, infrastructure architects, solution architects, process architects, innovation architects, and so on and so forth. To keep it easy and manageable, we have divided all architects into two groups, specifically enterprise architects and delivery architects.

Enterprise architects
As an enterprise architect, you are responsible for the architecture of the entire organization, or a part thereof. You figure out what an organization needs in order to implement a new strategy, for instance, and what impact this has on the business processes, ICT and personnel. You often have to look several years into the future to do this. The organization may change over time, for any number of reasons. Because of a change to the strategy or new market developments, for instance. As an enterprise architect, you therefore regularly adjust the architecture and flesh out these changes.

Delivery architects
As a delivery architect, you focus mainly on the architecture of a specific (technical) solution. For instance, an ICT solution, a business solution, or both. Because you have a lot of knowledge about a particular technology, you can provide companies with good subject-matter help. You ensure that the employees can work with the selected architecture, that the processes are adjusted accordingly and that all the systems work as they should.

What we do in Architecture

We work on various assignments for different companies. From financial organizations to government, but also for companies in retail and healthcare. We help a client by figuring out a way to process all customer data properly and securely, for instance, or we help organizations adapt business processes and systems so that they can help customers faster, more efficiently and better.


As an Architect, you already have several years of work experience, but that does not mean that you are finished learning, of course. We offer the following training courses, among others:
  • TOGAF 9 Certified
  • Agile architectuur
  • Enterprise Design Foundation
Our All-you-can-train program gives you access to hundreds of courses and training opportunities. You have the freedom to grow in or towards the role that is the best fit for you.
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