‘It’s the complexity that makes me love my job’

If Jacques de Wet was looking for a challenging job, he definitely found one. He is building a dashboard for a logistics firm that has very demanding customers. “Coming up with creative solutions for new puzzles is what I enjoy about the field.”

Tech Talk

'Make serverless Java go supersonic with Lambda and Quarkus'

Did you think you better not go serverless with Java? Software architects Julian Exenberger and Michael Strydom aim to prove you wrong. They explain which platforms can run Java apps quickly and easily, and the easiest way for you to build a lightweight serverless Java app.


‘I wanted to expand my comfort zone, and I did’

As a Senior Project Manager, Eda Goksoy Kalaycilar leads a major international project. That means: language barriers, cultural differences – and putting out fires. Exactly the challenge she was looking for.

Insights & Data

‘I haven’t regretted my choice for a single moment’

For some time, Ayşegül Koçak thought of studying graphic design. Instead, she chose IT. Now, as a data consultant and business analyst at Capgemini, she helps her client fix the climate.


‘Make your specialism your calling card’

Pien Vollers has focused on everything that gives her energy in her career. And that has definitely borne fruit. Not long ago, she was able to work on a project that she wouldn’t have dared to dream possible before.

‘What appealed to me? The chance to try something new’

Taras Buchynskyi, who used to work in Poland, didn’t just cross the border in a literal sense; at Capgemini in the Netherlands the Salesforce Developer also expanded his figurative limits. In the process, he became better acquainted with new aspects of Salesforce - and of himself.

Management Consulting

‘There are so many more possibilities than you might think’

Would you like to focus on personal growth after you earn your PhD? If so, then Julia believes that Capgemini is the right place for you. “All of the development opportunities here make it feel like a candy shop.”

Design for digital

‘The fact that every culture is different makes it super interesting’

You can’t call consultant Anna Sotiriadis’ work ‘boring’. Every eight to ten weeks, she works on a different end-to-end optimization project for an FMCG multinational.

Tech Talk

Back to basics: how data cleaning makes all the difference

Every data scientist, analyst and developer who works with data models should start by sweeping out their data sets. Even the simplest model will produce good output if it has good input. But what do you need to pay attention to, and where should you get started? Data engineers Frances Dreyer and Andre Marques tell all about it in their Tech Talk.

Design for digital

‘I’m always curious: is what we come up with relevant for people?’

Find out what people need, and adjust your idea to meet that need: that’s senior consultant Milou Mertens’ guiding motto. Because your product, service or process needs to be relevant for the user. She recently applied that vision in an assignment for a major company in the health care sector.


‘If you have a good idea, tell someone and make it a reality’

Challenge people to come up with new ideas, and give them the space to put their plans into practice. Department manager Jan-Edwin Maneschijn strives to spark a sense of entrepreneurship among his employees. And with success. “I see people growing really quickly here.”


‘As a pension specialist, I help people make important choices’

It’s like pioneering at a start-up, but at an organization that’s already earned its spurs in the business. Pension specialist Sarissa van Veenendaal helped give birth to Capgemini’s new pension service, and she plans on building a future there as well.

‘If you know which way you want to go, you get lots of people pushing behind you’

“You can grow extremely quickly at Capgemini”, says Kevin Tai Tin Tsoi. And he should know, because he’s living proof of that. When he applied for the position of junior Pega consultant four years ago, he barely knew what Pega was. But now he’s a senior consultant AND co-lead of the Pega Center of Excellence (CoE).

Business analyst

‘My client’s wish is law’

From a job as a corporate attorney to a career as a business analyst. That sounds like a big transition. But Madja Chouaibi disagrees: “I see so many similarities between the two careers.”

Management Consulting

‘I love to challenge the status quo’

“Challenges give me energy”, says Bo-Iris Bergevoet. That’s why she’s constantly looking for new ways to help, responsible roles and extra knowledge. Six months ago she started as a Senior Management Consultant at Capgemini. “I want to solve management’s problems as an all-round consultant. And in the process, to constantly make a difference in digital transformations.’

Management Consulting

‘It’s fantastic helping new talent grow – in their role, and as a person’

Mathijs de Lepper has a degree in Mathematics and his interest in the human side is at least as important in his work as a consultant. It comes in especially handy in the guiding and development of young professionals.


‘Exactly what I love to do: bring about change’

Assuming leadership of a complex ICT project for a Global German Retailer, with a very short time frame, major interests at stake - together with hundreds of people who could only meet online due to the coronavirus prevention measures. That was the challenge Vanessa Brown took on. And she even managed to finish it before the deadline!


Why Kotlin is a great choice for multiplatform purposes

Whether you’re building applications for a start-up or a major corporation, you’re always building for multiple platforms. So how can you reduce complexity to build more maintainable products faster? You can take Jan Mostert’s advice and use a single language for all your business logic. He showed us how in his recent Tech Talk, and in this blog post he explains why Kotlin is a great choice for business applications.


‘When there’s a fire, I run towards it, not away’

When clients call Saskia Kuschke, they usually have a big problem. Like a ransomware attack or something. Fortunately, the rookie actually thrives in such stressful circumstances.


‘It’s true what the Cap website says: everything revolves around people here’

Adriana Mocanu didn’t have a background in IT, but she decided to try it anyway. A choice that has made all the difference. At Capgemini she feels recognised and appreciated.

Design for digital

'The value of strategic design'

From setting up a company to disrupt the traditional forms of lending in global trade, to utilizing open data to inform European citizens about the coronavirus: our senior consultant Pervin Celik is definitely multi-faceted, and strategic design is her guiding force.


‘SAP offers a lot of starting points for more sustainable operations’

SAP sustainability transformation expert Linda Naber helps companies transform to more sustainable operations and new business models. She guides clients to the future with penetrating questions, a soft hand and the latest technologies.

Business analyst

Translator between the two worlds: the users and builders

Rolling out an innovative pension administration system, together with a new operational organisation: to realise these ambitious plans, Capgemini needed someone with a lot of experience in pension operations. And especially: someone who knew what not to do.

Business analyst

‘I’ve been able to take big steps quickly’

Renske Devilee (33) never considered going into consultancy. Not until Capgemini crossed her path and she discovered the combination of consultancy with hands-on work. Since then, the ambitious business analyst has helped banks and insurers get ahead with IT solutions.


‘All the people around me have the same drive’

Özge Karaoglu (27) can’t think of any better place to work than Capgemini. The Medior Software Engineer lives and breathes programming. She’s earned one certificate after another in the Front End Track programme, and now the energetic young professional is in the starting blocks for her first assignment.


‘This project taught me so much that I now teach others about Vue'

It was her very first job as a junior front-end developer: helping to build an app for ABN AMRO. And in the process, she learned so much about Vue that she now trains others how to use it.

Management Consulting

‘I’m passionate about connecting with people and having meaningful conversations.’

Our colleagues actively participate in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, one example being the ‘ECHO Mentoring Pro-gram’, supported by our partner ECHO – a dedicated non-profit organization focused on Diversity & Inclusion in (higher) education and the labour market. In this interview, Tessa - a Manager at Capgemini Invent NL and one our dedicated mentors - shares her experience as a mentor and Shakila shares her experience as a mentee.

Management Consulting

It’s really great to see all that expertise coming together.

With a degree in Earth Sciences, management consulting might not be the first thing to come to mind. It’s still what Amar Sitabi chose to do about nine months ago.

Management Consulting

My Virtual Onboarding at Capgemini Invent

My name is Daphne Hermans and I joined Capgemini Invent NL in November 2020 as a Senior Consultant within the Brand & Experience Team. Read on to find out more about my fully digital start.


Business architecture is a wonderful profession, including for women

As the chair of the ‘Women in Architecture’ community, Brigitte van Starrenburg takes the lead in efforts to achieve greater diversity among this occupational category. Brigitte introduces us to Capgemini’s Women in Architecture community.


There is nothing wrong with people being different, it makes us better in everything we do

Annet Harmsen is well placed to know what it is like to get people from different backgrounds and different preferences to work together. In her blog, she talks about what diversity and inclusion mean to her and what they bring Capgemini.


Capgemini thanks its success to its inclusive and diverse workforce

Suryanshu Goswami, expert in Digital Transformation and Innovation at Capgemini tells his story on how important it is to support employees when the goal is to create diversity and inclusivity. Read the interview and get inspired by Suryanshu!


The only way to achieve gender equality is by putting equality into practice

There is no point in beating about the bush: As a woman working in the world of IT you are part of a minority. Yet, the male to female ratio is shifting within our organisation. We spoke to Laura Osinga and Kevin Goedee who explained exactly what the gender community within Capgemini does.


Achieving equality by being critical and realising the benefit of differences

Chanelva Kartopawiro plays an active part within the community that works around gender equality. Read her story and find out more about this wonderful scheme!

Insights & Data

Log centralization with Elastic

The ‘big data revolution’ is a recent phenomenon and still an ongoing endeavor. Companies are collecting data on a large scale, but in order to extract real value from it, they need to bring the organization, collection and extraction of data to the next level.


Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code has been a familiar concept for over 20 years, but in the last couple of years the need for it has increased considerably. According to Wouter van der Linde, an experienced Java developer at Capgemini, this has everything to do with the ever-growing popularity of cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Management Consulting

How I ended up at Capgemini Invent

When I finished my Master’s in Organization Studies in June of last year, I knew one thing for sure: I didn’t want to start working just yet. So I grabbed my backpack and spent six months traveling the world. I first headed to South America, followed by Southeast Asia. It was an amazing experience and I had never felt so relaxed and carefree! Still, during the last month of my trip a feeling started to arise: “What about when I’m back?” and “What will my life look like a little while from now?”. Fortunately, that would soon become clear!

Management Consulting

Four reasons why you should work at Capgemini Invent!

Tom Stammes started working at Capgemini Invent last July and after two months, he was already able to draw important conclusions. Even though Tom just joined, he already feels at home, he has great colleagues, the company culture is a perfect fit for him, the introduction period has taught him all about the company in no time and has prepared him for the life of a consultant.

Management Consulting

I'm in the Gap Year program at Capgemini Invent. Interested in joining, too?

As a junior management consultant at Capgemini Invent, I am currently taking part in the Gap Year program: a program that gives you the opportunity to work as a fully-fledged management consultant within Capgemini Invent, in between your Bachelor’s and Master's studies. So what exactly do I do? Keep reading to find out.


From intern to young professional

If you successfully complete your internship at Capgemini, there is a good chance that various doors could open for you at our company. That was what happened for Alexander van ’t Hof. How did he go from intern to a position as DevOps engineer at Capgemini? He tells us all about it in his blog.

Insights & Data

“You can address the CEO informally here”

He had never heard of Capgemini before. But that did not stop Mustafa El Barnichi, now a business intelligence consultant, from starting his graduate internship at Capgemini. How did he end up here and why did he stay on after his internship? He tells us all about it.

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