“Challenges give me energy”, says Bo-Iris Bergevoet. That’s why she’s constantly looking for new ways to help, responsible roles and extra knowledge. Six months ago she started as a Senior Management Consultant at Capgemini. “I want to solve management’s problems as an all-round consultant. And in the process, to constantly make a difference in digital transformations.’

“I want to be part of a large, dynamic consulting bureau with a diverse portfolio of clients and plenty of development opportunities for employees. Why? Because that would give me plenty of opportunities to get to know a variety of roles and organizations, to think about strategic policy and to work on changes that help people in their personal and professional development. Because that’s my actual goal: to help people. Sometimes rules, frameworks or thought patterns present limitations – often unintended and unnecessary ones. So I appreciate the challenge of recalibrating the strategy together, or breaking through it if necessary. I love to challenge the status quo by involving stakeholders in a vision, showing how things can be done differently, and engaging in a real dialogue.”

Bond with the client

“Capgemini is the type of organization I was looking for. I started here in late 2021, after working for almost four years at another big consultancy bureau. At Capgemini, I have the opportunity to develop, work on projects that I’m suited for, and take on extra duties within those projects. The diversity of clients, projects and issues I work on in my role as Senior Management Consultant also really appeal to me. In this position, it’s not only important to have the knowledge, but also to understand your clients and build a stronger bond with them. That means: listening carefully and getting to the core of the problem, so you can identify the challenges and opportunities. That way, you and the client can create a digital transformation with optimal impact.”

Strategic sparring

“I worked, for example, on a project for a ministry. We drew up policy and analyses to ensure that the information admin met the stated requirements. We not only examined today’s questions, but also those over the long term and their solutions. As a sparring partner, I love brainstorming with clients about complex situations. Structurally solving an important problem for management, the organization and the employees is what gives me energy!”


“Capgemini helps you realize your full potential. You have plenty of opportunities to dive deep into a subject, assume more professional responsibility and work independently. For example, by scheduling your own working day. That enables me to work more efficiently, be more flexible for the client, and guarantee the quality of my work. And they don’t see ancillary positions as an obstacle here, as long as they don’t conflict with your work for Capgemini. For example, I have my own company in sustainable tulip perfume, and I’ve developed snorkelling goggles that help you see coral better. I’m also the chairman of the Young Consulting Network, and am a member of the Supervisory Board of a housing corporation. By combining these ancillary positions with my work for Capgemini, I meet more people, find inspiration for more ideas, and I’m encouraged to work pragmatically.”

A day is too short

“I’ve noticed that it’s becoming more important to prioritize. Not because Capgemini demands it, but because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. I think it’s important to have enough free time in addition to my consultancy work to continue to develop as a person and professionally, to reflect on the past and to make good choices. Currently, to learn more about different decision-making processes, I am following a Human Computer Interaction course and have completed my training as a supervisor at Maastricht University. I think it’s interesting to look at things from different perspectives and to combine those perspectives. That gives me clearer insight into the problems that organizations, managers and employees face. I think it will help me become a stronger all-round management consultant, so I can help people and contribute to building a better world.”
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