Özge Karaoglu (27) can’t think of any better place to work than Capgemini. The Medior Software Engineer lives and breathes programming. She’s earned one certificate after another in the Front End Track programme, and now the energetic young professional is in the starting blocks for her first assignment.

“I studied Computer Engineering in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduation I moved to the Netherlands. First, I started to work as a Software Engineer in The Hague for 2 years. I enjoyed the Netherlands very much, so I decided to say and in April 2021 I joined Capgemini as a Software Engineer.”


“The first stop was the Front End Track starter program at Capgemini. Together with other prospective software engineers, I immersed myself in all kinds of training courses: from front-end developing and Microsoft Fundamentals to Agile Methodologies. We also spent four weeks working on the JavaScript framework Vue. It was challenging to do these trainings on Tuesday nights, but I learned a lot and it was so much fun to do!”

First assignment

“Now that the training programme is over, the ‘real’ work can begin. I’ve just heard that I can start working at ABN Amro together with another young professional from my team. This will be our first assignment. After months of ‘sitting on the bench’, I’m eager to put everything I’ve learned into practice for a client. We haven’t heard what the assignment will entail exactly. We only know that they want to put us to work right away. So, we’re about to start the bank’s onboarding process.”

The same drive

“I feel like a fish in water at Capgemini. I have plenty of room to improve my skills, and all the people around me have the same drive. Everyone is motivated to learn as much as possible, and we do it together. If one of us finds important input for improving their skills, then they share it with the others. The fact that we’ve all completed the training programme feels like a shared success.”


“I try to affect as many people as possible with my passion for programming. Through my Instagram account @ozgewhocodes, I help young people all over the world with programming. I share my knowledge and inspire them to make a career in programming. My followers also ask me questions about my work at Capgemini. Our recruitment department is increasingly active on Instagram as well, and I contribute to the live events to recruit new employees.”

Role model

“My ambition is to become an expert front-end developer with cloud knowledge; I’ve already earned certificates for Microsoft Fundamentals, Professional Scrum Master, and I take free courses in software development. But I also improve my skills by watching videos on Pluralsight and Coursera. My senior colleagues are big examples for me. I hope to be able to do my work with just as much self-confidence someday. So, I can help my colleagues develop too, while building great applications for our clients.”
Do you lives and breathe programming, just like Özge?
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