I started working at Capgemini Invent last July, and after two months I’m already able to draw some important conclusions. Even though I’ve just recently joined, it already feels like a second home. I can be myself, I have great colleagues, the company culture is a perfect fit for me, and the introduction period taught me all about the company in no time and prepared me for the life of a consultant.

Tom Stammes

1. You can be yourself

From day one, I noticed that I could be myself and that I was appreciated. Everyone is valued within the company: from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. There are company rules, of course, and you are expected to meet a certain standard, but within these expectations there is plenty of room for you to be yourself and to show who you are. You aren’t put into a Capgemini straitjacket where your every move is controlled and defined. As long as you are serious at the right moments and able to perform when necessary, you can behave however you want (within the shared norms and values of the company, of course). This is a key aspect that makes me feel completely at home.

2. The great colleagues

I feel even more at home thanks to the great colleagues at Capgemini. Everyone is friendly, always willing to help and curious to hear how your assignment or introduction period is going. They show genuine interest, and you quickly feel at home within your team. You are welcomed to the family and start forming strong connections right away. Fridays are the best days, because everyone gets together at the office in Utrecht: you see your team, your fellow Institute members and your other colleagues. It’s always fun and you can chat with everyone. That’s why I always enjoy coming to the office. Especially on Fridays!

3. The culture within the company

All colleagues together create an extremely pleasant culture to work in. From the beginning, the company strongly emphasizes working together and being there for one another. There is no “elbowing your way ahead” here: instead, the focus is on teamwork and joint efforts. Proactively asking for feedback is also important within Capgemini Invent. It is in our DNA to always strive to do better, and we can’t get to where we want to go without feedback. We learn to look at ourselves critically and to be innovative. All this makes Capgemini Invent a great place to work, and the best way to experience the culture is by visiting our office in Leidsche Rijn. In addition, Capgemini sets its sights on the future and the long term, particularly with respect to its employees. That is why the company heavily invests in new starters by offering an introduction period that prepares you for life as a consultant.

4. The introduction period

During the introduction period, which lasts 1-3 months, you spend each week in a different city in the Netherlands or Germany. You get to see the offices and meet your new colleagues, and you receive internal assignments in which you help other Capgemini Invent employees with various tasks. This gives you an idea right from the start of what it’s like to work at Invent, which methods are used and how the consultancy life works. The aim of this period is to learn as much as possible so that you’ll be fully prepared to perform external work at the client and add value immediately. All in all, it’s a great learning process that teaches you an incredible amount in a short period of time and, above all, connects you with so many amazing colleagues– from the Netherlands as well as from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Because of all these aspects, I can already recommend Capgemini Invent as an employer. There are many more reasons to choose Invent, of course, but I’ll save those for another time!
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