If you successfully complete your internship at Capgemini, there is a good chance that various doors could open for you at our company. That was what happened for Alexander van ’t Hof. How did he go from intern to a position as DevOps engineer at Capgemini? He tells us all about it in his blog.

Graduate internship at Capgemini

During the final year of my degree program, Capgemini contacted me via LinkedIn. They were looking for Java developers and that was precisely what I had learned during my degree program! After a short interview at the head office, it was arranged: I started creating a web application. A cool site that was supposed to help administrators with all sorts of security topics. It was the first time that I was developing a website for a big company like Capgemini.
Alexander van ’t Hof

The question

While I was putting the final touches on my report, I suddenly received an email from the recruiter that had brought me in at the time. She wanted to know what I thought of Capgemini, but of course I already knew what was coming. She asked whether I wanted to join the company.

Which department?

I was given the opportunity to choose which department I wanted to work for. There were three departments that were a good match for my profile. But the department names didn’t mean much to me at the time. That is why I got a few names of colleagues from each department and did what every Capgemini employee likes to do best: networking! It was fantastic to hear everyone’s story and after a great deal of consideration, I had finally made my choice: Custom Software Development. A department with the slogan “Do Epic Shit!” because of all the awesome software we build!

My first two months

Before I joined the company, I took another two months of vacation to rest up before the real work began. The first two months of my new position started immediately with an internal training course to learn the “Capgemini way” of programming. Before the training was even finished, I was approached by all sorts of managers at clients. They were all working with new technologies and the assignments were really amazing! I thought they were all great, so in the end I just chose the assignment that was closest to home, the Education Executive Agency (DUO) in The Hague.

The assignment at DUO

At DUO, I was given the role of DevOps engineer. Something very different from what I had actually been doing up to that point, but that is what made it so much fun! I mainly work on automating and improving processes which in turn help other developers, instead of being one of those developers myself. All new challenges in any event! Many training programs are offered via Capgemini, which ensured I was up to speed in no time. At DUO, I have grown so much as a DevOps engineer in the meantime that I am now in contact with clients from Canada in connection with an upcoming assignment for a client there. This new adventure starts in January, I can’t wait!
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