When I finished my Master’s in Organization Studies in June of last year, I knew one thing for sure: I didn’t want to start working just yet. So I grabbed my backpack and spent six months traveling the world. I first headed to South America, followed by Southeast Asia. It was an amazing experience and I had never felt so relaxed and carefree! Still, during the last month of my trip a feeling started to arise: “What about when I’m back?” and “What will my life look like a little while from now?”. Fortunately, that would soon become clear!

Looking for jobs at the beach

I had already known for some time that I wanted to do something within the field of consultancy. So during the final weeks of my trip, on a white sandy beach in the Philippines, I searched on my phone for vacancies that seemed interesting to me– just to get an idea of what was out there. Right away I came across several job openings at Capgemini Invent that all appealed to me very much. I didn't take any further steps at that point, since I thought, “I’ll just do it once I'm back”.

Getting acquainted first

Once I was back in the Netherlands, I started exploring the options further. I knew someone from my study program who was already working at Capgemini Invent, so I reached out to her for information and asked about her experiences. Before I knew it, she had signed me up at the last minute for the Meet Invent day: an in-house day for final-year students and recent graduates to learn more about Capgemini Invent. A little less than a week later, I stepped inside the Capgemini office. The Meet Invent day was extremely interesting and I had a good feeling about it almost instantly. I thought the people were amazing and the case itself was interesting as well. We had to work in groups to address an issue from a company. The group that tackled the problem in the best and most innovative way would win. Our group happened to be the lucky winner and I took home the prize: a Google Home set, which I still use on a daily basis to this day.

A fast application procedure

This case day had left me feeling very enthusiastic, so I immediately applied to Capgemini the following Monday. After a telephone intake interview, I was invited to take the assessment. Because this was my first time, I practiced quite a lot before I took the real test. What to expect? A capacities test and personality test. A few days after completing the assessment, I received a call with good news. I was invited to attend the selection day! The nice thing about the application procedure within Capgemini Invent is that when you’re invited for an interview, you find out the same day whether you’ve been hired. So that can happen pretty quickly. I had two interviews in one morning, both of which went really well. After the last interview, I immediately received an offer.

Packing my suitcase and heading off!

I thought about it over the weekend, but I actually already knew my answer. I had a good feeling, so I called that Monday and said that I accepted the offer. I canceled all the other applications I had sent. Then on May 1, I officially started at Capgemini Invent. Right after the general onboarding program, I flew to Berlin for my first training program: The Institute! You can't get your career off to a smoother start than that!
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