“You can grow extremely quickly at Capgemini”, says Kevin Tai Tin Tsoi. And he should know, because he’s living proof of that. When he applied for the position of junior Pega consultant four years ago, he barely knew what Pega was. But now he’s a senior consultant AND co-lead of the Pega Center of Excellence (CoE).

“I love helping people get ahead. And finding more efficient ways to do it. ICT is the ideal tool for that. To learn more about smart ICT applications, I moved from Surinam to the Netherlands to earn a Bachelor’s in Information, Multimedia and Management and then a Master’s in Information Sciences at the VU Amsterdam. I was ready to start working by that time, but I didn’t want to stop developing my knowledge and skills. I went to a Capgemini experience day, and I knew I’d found the right employer for me. So I applied for a job, and fortunately the enthusiasm was mutual.”

A little push

“What I appreciate about Capgemini was already apparent on the introduction day: the open, informal, development-oriented culture. Everyone and everything helps you to grow in your career and supports you in bringing out the best in yourself – whatever your background, and wherever you come from. You have to set your own course and work hard, of course; you are the master of your own destiny. But everywhere you go, someone’s willing to give you a little push. Supervisors, team members, and even co-workers you’ve only just met: they’re all interested in your goal. And they’re all willing to share their knowledge, experience and network to get you there as fast as possible.”
“Capgemini is my first employer. I started here with the other newly hired Pega consultants in 2018. We started with a six-week introductory ICT course, where we learned the basics of Java, CCS, HTML and other subjects I’d come across during my studies, but never dealt with in real-world applications. Other subjects were new to me. I barely knew anything about Pega, for example, but the more I learned about it, the more interesting it seemed. What a great way to make operational processes more efficient!”
“Our work as Pega consultants basically involves analyzing, refining and automating the processes if possible, in close consultation with the client. Process steps that are frequently repeated are surprisingly often done by hand. Automation speeds up the steps and makes them less susceptible to errors. It’s fantastic to see that result in practice, just like when we translate the customer’s request into software solutions and the accessible way we develop software. We can use low-code developing tools to design visual applications, instead of having to write traditional programming code.”

Chief Fun Officer

“My first assignment at Capgemini was for a pension provider. They still sent their clients paper forms, and processed the information in their system manually. Our team automated all of that manual labor. After that assignment, I took full advantage of the opportunity you always have at Capgemini to participate in all sorts of training courses. Once I’d earned my CSSA certificate, I shook off my ‘junior’ title and was able to work on a new assignment for an insurance company as a Pega senior developer.”
“That client still worked with Excel sheets and five different ICT systems. So our team created a single replacement system that eliminated the need for Excel sheets. It’s extremely challenging, and challenging is exactly what I was looking for. That’s part of the reason why I was named co-lead of our Pega CoE here at Capgemini in January. Any of our clients can come to us with questions about Pega. And then I find out which one of our thirty Pega consultants is best able to answer the question. I also exchange experiences and insights with Pega CoEs in other countries. I’ve set up knowledge sharing sessions for our Pega consultants, and as ‘Chief Fun Officer’ I organize all sorts of fun activities for them.”

The right balance

“Not that there’s a lack of fun activities at Capgemini. In fact: employees have plenty of opportunities to get better acquainted, even with people from other teams. We have afternoon drinks, wine tastings, barbecues, theater evenings, sailing, and winter sports trips. Those activities build connections, and they tie in to Capgemini’s priority of maintaining a good balance between work and relaxation. The organization’s focus on professional growth and personal well-being is a good fit for me, and it makes me feel at home, even though I’m far away from my native country.”
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