Senior Cards & Digital Payments Consultant Pien Vollers’ heart skipped a beat when she got the chance to work for a major e-commerce firm: “When I heard about the scale of the project, I went through the roof!”

“As a Senior Cards & Digital Payments Consultant, I advise clients on everything to do with cards: credit cards, debit cards, digital payment options. My work has a lot of variety. I dig deep into complete strategy projects, but I also visit clients to help solve parts of a problem. Why did I specialize in this area? Because there’s so much innovation in the digital field, and I think it’s interesting to contribute to that. And we have so much to catch up on in the card branch here in the Netherlands, in the areas of credit cards, loyalty programs and personalization. So there’s a lot of work to do.”

“One of the benefits of working for Capgemini is that they actually see you. People know who you are and what you do. The dream assignment that I got a while back proves that. My team was approached by a major e-commerce company, a really big player in the online market. As a consultant and a creative person, that made my heart skip a beat. It’s an awesome feeling to have a company ask for you specifically because of your expertise. But when I heard about the scale of the project, I went through the roof!”

New payment product

“My client wanted to introduce a new payment product in the European market. What made it so fascinating, is that the product itself is so new. They were the first online retailer that dared to offer it. The payment product allows the customer to take out a short-term loan to pay for the purchase, and then pay back the loan in instalments. It’s a lot different from standard loans that already exist, because they have nothing to do with the retailer. It’s an option for people who want to make a major purchase and start enjoying it right away, but don’t have the financial resources right now.”

“My role in the project can best be described as ‘solution designer’. First, I tried to clarify my client’s wishes. How do they imagine the project in their minds? Where do they aim to go from a strategic perspective? And do they already have some ideas for the specifications? Once I’d cleared that up, I studied how they could differentiate themselves in the market. I also took on some tough subjects, like legislation and regulations in the twelve countries where the payment product would be introduced. Once the proposition was clear, we tweaked it for each individual country and elaborated the customer journeys.”

Energy as a guide

“I’m most proud of the customer journeys. It’s an interesting process that runs from the customers’ first onboarding to their offboarding. It starts with the choice of a payment method for the purchase, and ends with the last instalment payment. In between there are steps like: processing payments, showing the customer the amount that is still open, and deciding what you as an e-commerce company will do with a product if it’s returned. I really enjoyed diving into the subject, because every step had an effect on the step that followed.”

“I worked together with six other Capgemini colleagues on this project. That was great, because we could combine our knowledge and learn from each other. I always get a lot of help from my colleagues. Capgemini may be a big company, but it feels compact and personal because we work in domain-oriented groups. Another plus about working for Capgemini is that you can create your own freedoms. In addition to my assignment, I also hosted several events dealing with payments, to encourage networking and knowledge-sharing among my colleagues. If something gives you energy, then my advice is: go for it!”

Many opportunities

“I’m not one of those people with a five-year plan. I like to keep my options open, because there are so many opportunities in this branch. In the short term, I’d like to help another large retail client in the field of payments. The job for this major e-commerce firm sparked something inside me. So my advice for other consultants is: do something that makes you happy and make your specialism your calling card. And maybe you’ll be able to work for a dream client too!” 

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