My name is Daphne Hermans, I’m 27 years old and I joined Capgemini Invent NL in November 2020 as a Senior Consultant within the Brand & Experience Team. After obtaining a double degree Master program in International Business in 2016, I first worked at a large multinational consumer goods company until I was invited to work as a PhD candidate. After conducting research in consumer behaviour, I realised a career in the academic world did not fit me since I felt the urge to apply my acquired knowledge in business. I decided to pursue a career in consultancy as I believe every brand should get the chance to achieve its full potential.

Daphne Hermans

Fully virtual onboarding

I started my new role at Capgemini Invent NL in the middle of the corona crisis so my work has been fully digital since the start. The virtual onboarding was well organised: all new joiners received a full schedule of onboarding days in prior. The onboarding program included presentations, workshops and other activities that allowed all new joiners to get to know the company better and expand our networks. Despite all activities being virtual, there was a relaxed and cosy atmosphere and I got the chance to get acquainted with colleagues from different departments.

Shaping new customer experiences with clients

As a senior consultant in the Brand & Experience team, we work on projects that are focused on improving customer experiences. In collaboration with our clients, we shape new customer experiences that are unique in the industry. By playing an active role in both local and international multidisciplinary engagement, our role is to support companies to maintain a strong connection with their clients in the current rapid digital world. Terms such as customer loyalty, client centricity, product- and service adaption are on my daily radar! My passion? Helping clients all the way form vision and strategy to the implementation of changes and innovations in their company.

Furthermore, in our current fast paced society with emerging new technologies, I focus on inspiring organizations on how they can optimize their customer experience with the help of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, voice assistants and new platforms. Together with a team, I analyse and benchmark marketing strategies and CRM platforms, or build innovative business models and design new service concepts. My responsibilities are certainly very diverse.

Meeting female consultants

Capgemini invests greatly in gender balance and equality. Our company ensures female consultants help each other to thrive personally and professionally. Recently I have taken part in digital events organized by FemInvent – a female empowering network for female employees at Invent NL. I participated in the last ‘FemInvent Speed Dating Event’, where I got to know other female colleagues through quick, small conversations. Together we discussed how we juggled the work-life balance which was really inspiring.

Becoming resilient to stress

Juggling remote work and personal life has morphed burnout in the time of pandemic, meaning we ought to learn how to manage the stress. Another campaign that I recently took part in is called ‘Time2Recharge’, where I enjoyed multiple digital deep dives into several topics that are more relevant now than ever during pandemic times. The talks were held by professionals and colleagues. Neuropsychologist Mark Tigchelaar, for instance, showed us how we can get a grip on our focus, to become resilient to stress and more present in the here and now.

Largest Online Christmas Dinner 2020

Few could have predicted how Christmas 2020 would pan out, but Capgemini was surely innovative when it comes to organising the company Christmas dinner. In December 2020 just before the Christmas holidays, I participated in the largest online Christmas dinner organized by Capgemini NL! With over 15,000 thousand people attending, this special event was followed by an entertaining virtual Christmas Party organised by Invent NL which allowed us to connect with colleagues in the comfort of our homes. This virtual event included fun activities There was a comedian and we got to enjoy a cocktail workshop.

Will you be my colleague?

If you are interested to work in a young team with inspiring, ambitious and likeminded colleagues, and if you are searching for the opportunity to grow and to work in a variety of industries, then look no further and apply for a consultant position at Capgemini Invent NL!
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