Years in the same job is not Matin Abbasi’s style. That’s why he feels so at home at Capgemini and made the switch from recruiter to business analyst in virtually no time at all. ‘After an in-house course, I soon realised: this is the job for me.’

‘I was working as a recruiter for a small company with 25 employees and it was time for something new, preferably a role with growth perspectives. First impressions during my interview with Capgemini were great. There was nothing superficial about the exchange, but we went straight in deep and within half an hour we were even discussing possible next steps. They literally said, “You can start here as junior and make it all the way to CEO.” They meant it.’

Life-changing course

‘So, I started at Capgemini as a recruiter. Quite a difficult job, as engineers and programmers are scarce, particularly in the Netherlands. That meant that I spoke to potential colleagues all over the world, from China to South Africa. If someone decided to come to the Netherlands for a new job, then I’d be involved. And although I found it very special to be a part of such a huge step in someone’s life, I wanted to make the switch to a role in consultancy. IT had captured my interest when I was young, so I was keen to learn more about its practical application in business. My manager knew this and signed me up for an in-house course: Collaboration with Clients, which has a focus on business analysis.’

Someone had dropped out at the last moment and my manager thought I might enjoy it. And indeed, I was instantly triggered. I discovered that the work of a business analyst had many overlaps with my experience as a recruiter, being concerned with stakeholder management and operating in an international arena. And the fact that a consultancy role meant I could assert my interest in IT made me even more enthusiastic. I soon realised: this is the job for me.’

Learn by doing

‘In order to get an even better idea of what the work entails, I sought contact with a number of different consultants. One of my contacts put me onto my current manager, who showed immediate support for my career switch. I first did an internal assignment and subsequently offered assistance on an external assignment. When I’d gained sufficient experience, my manager arranged for me to be put on a job at a client. That first job was big a challenge, but perfect for me, as I like to learn by doing. And I didn’t face it alone: my manager and I discussed my performance and progress on a daily basis. In the meantime, I upped my knowledge and skills through a variety of courses and taken all together, the approach proved to be a formula for success in terms of rapid growth in my new role.’

‘The nice thing about my job as a business analyst is making an impact for my client. At the company I’m with now, we’re working on an app for business customers. I’m responsible for the entire build, soup to nuts. The customers leave feedback, which we in turn use to improve the app. Actually seeing the results of my efforts within a week is very satisfying. There’s a very tangible element to what I do; it’s not just about going from one meeting to the next.’

Discover yourself

‘Regrets over the switch? I’ve had none. Sure, there was an assimilation period as the substance of the job is completely different, but I got used to things very quickly. Thanks also to the excellent support and guidance from my manager. The best part of the whole experience is that I learned so much about myself. I now know, for instance, that I’m not at all afraid of trying new things. And that making mistakes teaches you the best lessons. Those are valuable insights.’

‘A job with Capgemini is always very much about you and your sustained self development; you really are master of your own destiny, and I’m living proof. As long as you demonstrate that you can do it and are bold enough to ask for help, anything is possible. I definitely won’t be looking elsewhere for the foreseeable future. That’s another advantage of a job as a consultant: you constantly work on new assignments with different clients. No way I’ll ever be bored.’

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