If there’s something that Delivery Manager Nuray Gulenc believes is important, it’s self-discovery and a good work culture. And she found both at Capgemini Engineering: ‘Not every day is smooth and sunny, of course. But we support one another, so we don’t let the bad days get us down.’

‘Three years ago, I was working as a test director at a major ICT firm in Turkey. I had a pleasant, comfortable life with my family. But we wanted to expand our comfort zone, so we decided to move to the Netherlands. I learned about Capgemini Engineering via some friends of mine. They were so enthusiastic when they talked about their job; about how it’s a big company, but doesn’t feel like one. And how you don’t experience hierarchy. I felt a click during the first interview with Capgemini Engineering. I immediately felt welcome, and I thought: this is where I want to work. And I still have that feeling of being welcome.’

‘I started as a project manager, and a few months ago I began work as delivery manager. At first, my work only focused on test projects, but now I also work on software development. What do I enjoy most about my work? Coaching my colleagues. My team existed before I got here, but I created the team atmosphere. That’s something I’m really proud of. The secret to a good atmosphere lies in having a lot of contact with one another, and wishing each other the best. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see my colleagues grow. Not every day here is smooth and sunny, of course. But we support one another, so we don’t let the bad days get us down.’

Development is priority #1

‘Creating a good work culture in consultancy is a challenge, because everyone works at different locations. So I’m even more impressed by the fact that Capgemini Engineering makes it happen. What makes it such a great employer is that development is priority number 1. And happy employees make happy clients. It’s all tied together. I think it’s important to continue developing as a person, so I feel right at home here. And if I want to try something different, there are endless opportunities within Capgemini Engineering. So I wouldn’t have to switch employers.’

‘When I started at Capgemini Engineering, I was a bit of a control freak. I was really focused on results, and I had a perfectionist mindset. But I’ve learned to change that from my colleagues and my managers. I still think the results of my work are important, but I don’t push myself as hard anymore. I don’t get demotivated anymore when external factors get in the way. The work culture here is also a lot different from what I’d been accustomed to in Turkey. There, it didn’t matter if I had to work 60 hours per week, as long as I completed the assignment. Otherwise I wouldn’t be satisfied with myself. But now, I realize that the important thing is the effort you put into your work. That makes me more accepting of myself and my colleagues.’

Digital coffee break

‘In the future, I’ll keep focusing on making a difference. Not just for the client, but also within my team. During the pandemic, I noticed how important it is to go the extra mile for your team. On the first day we were required to work from home, I came up with the idea for a coffee session. Three days per week, we’d take a digital coffee break together. We only had one rule: we couldn’t talk about work - only our private lives. I aim to do everything in my power to hold on to the pleasant work atmosphere we have now.’

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