Tech Summit 2023 revolved around sustainability, and how technology can create a better world. But first and foremost, it revolved around people. People with their own personal experiences and stories, and with a personal motivation to make a sustainable change. In this article, we introduce five of them.  

In their workshops at Tech Summit, they tackled the sustainability subject from many different perspectives; they showed us how we can finetune our daily habits to decrease our personal footprints, how AI and data can help us to feed the world, how Capgemini can leverage insights into carbon emission lifecycles to help organizations meet their sustainability goals – and much more.  

Let's meet them:

Marijn Markus - Managing Data Scientist

‘I’m a data scientist. I use data to solve problems and help people. To map human behavior, to chart problems - and to help tackle challenges like bias and sustainability. My work as Managing Data Scientist at Capgemini allows me to make an impact here. In the keynote I gave at Tech Summit, I discussed Project ENHANCE. Our project where we use big data to evaluate food production chains all over the world, and uncover pathways to improve affordability, nutrition, health, and sustainability. There’s so much more we can do with technology. There’s so much more we can do to help people.’ 

Arin Roy - Azure Cloud Architect

‘For me, sustainability is a shared responsibility. It should happen at all levels. As a cloud architect I want to bring sustainability into my work. One of my key principles is to reduce wastage – and in my workshop, I showed the audience how to do that. It’s really easy to deploy something in the cloud and then forget about it, especially when it is something that you are experimenting with. Everything you deploy uses up energy, hardware, etc.... and when you let it lie around without use, it’s leads to wastage. Preventing that is not only simple but also a very effective step towards sustainability. It’s housekeeping really – that’s why I like to call myself the housekeeper of the cloud.’  

Erik Gouw - SAP Sustainability Consultant

‘This may sound corny, but my main motivation to contribute to sustainability is the future of my children. The way we live and consume is not sustainable.  As a SAP Sustainability Consultant it is my responsibility to shed light on the big impact SAP sustainability solutions can have. I zoomed into this during my workshop by demonstrating SAP Sustainability Footprint Management. This solution gives insight into the carbon footprint throughout a company’s whole value chain. It’s very ambitious and an example of what technology has to offer – especially when combined with human motivation.’  

Ludo Simons - Business Analist Sustainability

‘I’ve always been intrigued by geography, ecosystems, climate change. During my studies, I was confronted with the enormous impact we have on the environment. Technology has brought us a lot, but technology also contributed to the problem, and not to the solution. My goal is to change this, in my life, and in my role as a Business Analyst. To make sure that technology is a force for good. In my workshop, I demonstrated how we can help organizations make fact-based decisions to reach their sustainability goals through life cycle assessments of their products or services. Something that, I believe, should be done more frequently.’  

Melissa Zohren - Test Engineer

‘The choices we make in daily life currently aren’t governed by sustainability. The sustainable choice is not the default. As a Test Engineer, I see it as my role to make the world a better place, one test at a time. In my workshops, I try to create awareness about our daily lives, and how we can easily do things better. Making sure we correctly turn off our laptop or select our smartphone’s dark mode, because it uses less energy. Whatever you do, you should always ask yourself: is this the sustainable way of doing things, or is there another way? Often there is.’ 

Arin, Erik, Ludo, Marijn and Melissa – all of them share the same goal: to build a better world. They’re determined to contribute to that goal, as people, as experts – as agents of change. And with technology as their ally, to help them realize that change. Are you in? 

Aftermovie Tech Summit 2023

Watch the aftermovie of the event here for a good impression, who knows, you might be there next year!

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