Melanie de Leeuw made a radical switch from copywriter to front-end developer two years ago. Now she uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript like a pro, and she’s eager to learn more with the help of her colleagues. Her first job as a junior front-end developer was for ABN AMRO. “It was a challenging but awesome experience to be able to dive into a new tech stack.”

An app from scratch in just five months

“An overview of all of the developments around online banking; that’s what you can find in the internal app that our team re-built for ABN AMRO. The app is intended specifically for the bank’s product owners and project managers. In just five months, we rebuilt the app with a team of five developers and a business analyst from Capgemini. It was the first time I was involved in the construction of an application from start to finish. It was even more exciting, because the bank’s tech stack was entirely new to me: the Vue framework with LitElement and Node.js as a landing foundation.”

Vue with the right look and feel

“It’s the combination of Vue and LitElement that makes this project so cool. Vue’s already great to work with: lightweight, with good basic components and very reactive. And with LitElement, you can lift the possibilities to an even higher level. Together with the bank’s other development teams, we built little LitElements with the look, feel and functionalities they needed. That gave the app the exact style the bank wanted. Re-using components meant that we had to work well together, which I think might have been the best part of the job!”

From basics to trainer

“I was a bit anxious at the start of the project. It seemed overwhelming, because I only knew the basics of Vue. But that also made the project a great learning experience. Thanks in part to the warm community around Vue and my colleagues at Cap – all of whom are great, patient developers. They taught me so much about Vue in those five months that I can now train others. My next step? To master JavaScript, so that I can start using the next client’s tech stack even faster.”
Would you like to dive deep into a framework like Vue and LitElement just like Melanie?
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