As a Business Analyst at Capgemini, you literally work at the interface of business and technology. You know the client’s business needs better than anyone and ensure IT solutions that tie in closely with that. You also help our clients introduce the chosen solution, of course. You are actually a kind of interpreter, therefore.

From charting out and optimizing processes to setting up new processes and translating these into IT solutions. No two assignments are the same. But what all our business analysts do have in common is that they have a great deal of market knowledge. And they really get how processes work. Whether a retail organization, financial institution, the manufacturing industry or the public sector is involved.

What we do in Business Analysis

ou work for various clients in five market groups, specifically: the industrial sector, the financial sector, the public sector or consumer products & retail. In this way, you improve the connection between government and citizen, for instance, you help structure the logistic chain of a retail organization, you figure out how an airplane can best be loaded or you create an IT platform to achieve an optimal customer experience.


Are you starting or recently started in Business Analysis? Then we can offer you a whole range of training and courses so you can become a real expert. The following training programs, among others, are offered:
  • Business Analysis Essentials
  • Babok Foundation
  • BCS Business Analysis Foundation
Do you already have a good bit of experience? In that case too, we provide you with ample opportunities to develop yourself. The training courses below are very popular:
  • BCS Business Analysis Modelling Business Processes
  • BCS Business Analysis Modelling Practice
  • Enterprise Design Foundation

Could Business Analysis be an interesting option for you?

If you like to forge connections and create solutions to business challenges, the role of business analyst is definitely interesting. You like diving into processes in order to find out what works and what doesn’t and really understand what a client needs. Your proposals help an organization continuously improve its performance. Every company and assignment is different. And it is precisely that variety that makes your work challenging.
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