Fair is fair, you don’t work for free of course. You should certainly get something in return. That is why we not only offer a fine salary, but also many individual options in terms of employee benefits. This allows you to largely put together your package of employee benefits yourself.


We use salary grades at Capgemini. A grade indicates the degree of seniority at Capgemini and serves as the basis for determining your salary. If you join us, you will be assigned to one of our six grades at the start of your career. This depends on your knowledge and experience, of course. A grade is not related to your place in the organization. This means that you genuinely receive recognition for your individual development, knowledge, experience and level. And not for your position in the hierarchical line.

Our six grades are:
  • Assistant (A)
  • Consultant (B)
  • Senior consultant (C)
  • Managing consultant (D)
  • Principal consultant (E)
  • Vice president (F)


As a consultant, you frequently work for different clients throughout the country. That is why every employee of ours receives a mobility allowance. How you spend this mobility allowance is up to you. You can opt for a leased car, a kilometer allowance for using your own car or an NS Business Card. Or you could opt to have the amount paid out gross.


Every employee has a pension plan with us. We have our own pension fund for this, specifically the Stichting Pensioenfonds Capgemini Nederland. The pension plan is non-contributory, which means you do not have to pay anything into it. But if you want to contribute and supplement your pension, you can use the voluntary pension plan.

Flexible working

Need to drop your children off at school before coming to the office? Or want to start early so that you have time for sports after work? At Capgemini, you are free to decide where and when you work. The laptop, SIM card and connectivity allowance you receive allows you to log in from anywhere. Of course it is a good idea to discuss your work times and location with the client for whom you are working.


Will you be working full time? Then per calendar year you will be entitled to 20 statutory days off and 6 days in excess of the legal requirement. We also pay out a vacation allowance once a year. Besides this, you have all the national public holidays off, of course, and Capgemini also provides special paid leave, maternity leave and parental leave.
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