In this day and age, organizations can certainly be expected to shoulder their corporate social responsibility. Therefore, it can also be expected from us. We still have quite a way to go, of course. But we have certainly taken some productive steps.

Our CSR strategy

We like to use our knowledge and expertise to contribute positively to society. We focus not only on the environment and sustainability in this context, but also on a pleasant working atmosphere in which all our employees feel at home. We also use our digital skills to give back directly to society.

Sustainability and the environment

Helping to protect the environment starts at home. In our case, that is via our office in the Leidsche Rijn area of Utrecht. You may not see it straight away from the exterior, but our office incorporates a number of excellent sustainable and environmentally-friendly technologies and modifications. For instance, our office has:
  • energy-efficient lighting that responds to the presence of people and daylight.
  • toilets that save up to 50% on water.
  • high-quality insulated exterior walls and roofs.
  • a solar boiler that uses solar energy and works with an extremely energy-efficient intelligent operating system.
  • a nesting compartment on the roof and bird boxes in the exterior walls.
  • floor covering consisting 51.1% of recycled material.
  • and charging posts for electric vehicles.

Our work climate

Happy and contented employees are the foundation for a company that runs well. That is why we like to provide a working environment in which every employee feels at home and no one feels excluded. It is also important to us that our employees are - and stay - fit and healthy. Naturally we are happy to help them in this regard. For example, with a vitality plan, ergonomic workstations, help dealing with stress and a sports program. Despite all these efforts, things can still go wrong. But in that case too, we provide help to get you feeling comfortable again.

Contribution to society

As you can see, we try to make a positive impact on society in a number of ways. And we encourage our clients to do so as well. But we don’t only use our digital skills to help our clients, we also contribute to various projects initiated by non-profit organizations like the Food Bank [Voedselbank], Refugee Network [Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland] and the AIDS foundation [Aidsfonds].
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