Businesses collect an enormous amount of data. We can use these data in various ways in order to make well-founded decisions:

What we do in Data and Analytics

If you are a consultant in Data and Analytics, you work with these perspectives in a number of ways. On the one hand, you make data available in such a way that it can be interpreted. We do that using database systems, ETL and reporting tools like MicroStrategy, Tableau and Cognos. Gathering, conveniently storing and making data available are the focus here.On the other hand, you obtain insights from the data. We use tooling like SAS, R, Python and Microsoft PowerBI and Azure to perform analyses and apply machine learning. This is more concerned with exploring the data, creating (hidden) connections and making predictions. The goal: to solve a business need.


We offer young professionals numerous opportunities for getting their career off to the best possible start. The training courses offered include:
  • ETL (extraction, transformation and load)
  • Data Analytics
Have you already been working in the field for a few years? In that case, too, we offer plenty of opportunities to further your development as a person or in your field. Popular training courses for this stage include:
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Quality
  • Big Data
  • Project management courses

Could Data and Analytics be an interesting option for you?

In short, you work with data in various ways and focus on how they support operations. You not only get a peek behind the scenes, but also actually contribute to improvements. Make a difference with data!
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