If an organization wants to reach its customers or potential customers, there is no avoiding the digital world any longer. Every online contact is crucial and as such, the digital customer experience has become increasingly important over the past several years. But it is not always easy for organizations to satisfy all of the expectations and wishes of customers. Let alone stay one step ahead. That is why we are there to help.

Filing an application for a new permit, transferring money for your vacation or applying for a nice position. For some, it is the convenience, for others, perhaps the time saved. But it is certainly a fact that we often prefer to take care of matters online instead of ‘in real life.’ At Digital Customer Experience (DCX), you help clients shine at every contact moment. And help them more easily approach customers and contact people digitally.

What we do in Digital Experience and Design

We work for various large organizations. We have already built a website for the government, for instance, developed the new online banking system for a financial institution and helped a retail organization develop an interactive online store. All of the above with the complete workflow on the back-end and the necessary CRM solutions, of course.


There are many different directions in which you can go in Digital Experience and Design, in terms of development. There are countless training and education opportunities in architecture development or business transformations. Our All-you-can-train program ensures these courses and training programs are always within your reach. The following training programs are among the possibilities:
  • Digital Ergonomics Awareness
  • Customer Journey Design
  • Consultancy Skills
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Java and .NET programming
  • Agile Architecture
  • Rapid prototyping

Could Digital Experience and Design be an interesting option for you?

Together with multiple specialists, such as front-end & back-end developers, UX solution experts and CRM consultants, you analyze and work out an entire customer journey. And you realize a digital customer experience that is the perfect match for the client. This can be very complex, and you may sometimes be working with more than 200 colleagues to build a website. That requires a great deal of structure, coordination and teamwork. But that is precisely what enables you to be so good at your job. Do you see yourself working at DCX? Then by all means, check out our job openings.
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