Purchase to pay, order to cash, record to report, hire to retire. As an organization, there is nothing you want more than for all end-to-end processes to run without a hitch. And connect with each other seamlessly. Good standard business management software is certainly not a luxury in that sense. It is indispensable, in fact.

ERP supports organizations with all internal business processes. It ensures efficiency, ease and insight when, among other things, creating planning and financial overviews and when performing logistics processes. ERP also gives a real-time picture of how the company is doing at that moment. So that managers and employees can be constantly abreast of what is happening in the business.
As a consultant at Capgemini, you are an expert in one of the ERP solutions: Oracle, SAP, NetSuite or Unit4. You can opt to focus on advice, implementation and configuration. Or to concentrate more on continuity, optimization and improvement of software. In either case, it is your job to ensure that the organization reaps the full benefits of the ERP solution. And because ERP is a standard solution with all the best practices incorporated, you want to make minimal adjustments to it. That is why you not only consider the implementation and optimization, but also continuously examine the business processes and work procedures, adjust them where necessary and include all the parties involved in the process. Change management plays a major role, therefore.

What we do in ERP

We work primarily for government authorities, distribution and production companies and retail organizations, but also for the financial world, for instance. The beauty of the consultant’s work is that it really involves a business-critical application. Is the software not working as it should? Then a truck might literally come to a standstill. All the employees at an organization are involved in that. From the customer service through to HR, and from financial management through to the most senior management. And as an ERP consultant, you are also at the heart of the operations yourself.


If you start work with us, we offer you various masterclasses. This is a training program which teaches you everything you need to know for your first assignment. Even if you have more experience, there are ample opportunities to continue your development. The training courses offered include:
  • SAP ECC Getting Acquainted modules
  • Young professional Oracle curriculum
  • Retail Masterclass
  • Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate training
  • SAP TechEd debrief
  • Oracle Open World Debrief
  • Oracle SOA Masterclass
  • SAP SuccessFactors of SAP Azure curriculum

Could ERP be an interesting option for you?

You know the ERP solution down to the very details, but on the other hand you also know everything about the business processes and what is needed to implement change. You see many organizations from the inside, meet different people and make their work a bit easier with your solution. You design, implement, improve, test, present, convince, advise. In other words...you are a genuine all-rounder. And you ultimately take all these experiences with you to new assignments.
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