This evening, we will focus on Mendix. Mendix is an Art! For people who know Mendix well, this might not come as a surprise. But what if you have never worked with LowCode before? What if your business is considering using Mendix, but you're doubting if Mendix can deliver on the high-standard requirements for the user experience? Learn about these issues and more in this Tech Talk.

This Tech Talk is live at the Capgemini Office in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. *Dinner will be included, so please let us know if you will be attending, so we can avoid food waste.

 #Event Schedule

17:30 – 18:30 Dinner*

18:35 – 19:05 – Help! Do I want to go into Mendix or should I stick to HighCode?

19:05 - 19:35 – Building a UX-heavy Game in Mendix!?!

19:35 – 19:40 Final remarks

19:40 Discussion & Drinks  

Help! Do I want to go into Mendix or should I stick to HighCode?
🎤 Speaker: Florian Maters


Mendix is a LowCode platform on the rise! Since its inception in 2005, more and more companies have started using it, which means there are more aspiring developers who will work with Mendix. Florian Maters will tell you this evening what it means to work with LowCode, coming from HighCode himself. He will tell you why it is so incredibly cool to work with a LowCode platform such as Mendix. Learn some Mendix basics and you will get information on how to start your own LowCode learning path.  

  #About: Florian

Florian is a driven and enthusiastic Mendix consultant working for Capgemini since 2021. He loves developing software based on the customers wants and needs and does not shy away from extending Mendix basics with code. Florian studied Informatics at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.  

Building a UX-heavy Game in Mendix!?!
🎤 Speaker: Rico Robinson


Mendix is a platform built to make it easy to process data. But what if your requirements are more aimed towards UX and visually stunning pages, including animations, textures, and other graphically intense requirements. In an experiment done to examine the boundaries of what is the best possible User Experience, we built a game of Connect Four in Mendix. During this session, we will showcase the result and share key takeaways and lessons learnt, such as some easily-implementable UX patterns for any Mendix project. Plus, we’ll share some limitations and challenges of the platform when it comes to gaming UX.  

#About Rico 

Rico Robinson is a passionate software developer specialising in Mendix and Ux design and implementation. After having finished his studies in Communication & Multimedia Design he started working for Capgemini in 2019.

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