This evening we will focus fully on Microsoft Azure again, and specifically on infrastructure! We have two amazing speakers who are going to show us how to deploy, manage, and secure Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and how to build your Infrastructure as code solutions using Terraform and deploy them on Azure. This will be an evening where you will learn how to set up and deploy a solid infrastructure for all your future projects!

#Event Schedule
19:30 - 19:35 – Welcome
19:35 – 20:15 – AKS Security Tips & Tricks
20:15 - 20:55 – Deploying to Azure using Terraform
20:55 - 21:00 – Bye-bye

AKS Security Tips & Tricks
🎤 Speaker: Joost Went

Azure Kubernetes Service has been around for several years now. Quite easy to set up and to take the first steps in a Kubernetes world. But did you know there are numerous options available to further secure your cluster infrastructure, its management and deployments and that you can also use Azure Identities all the way? In this session, we will go through a few tips and tricks to integrate AKS with various Azure technologies to secure your clusters.
#About: Joost Went
Joost is a Managing Software Engineer at Capgemini, still trying to spend as much time as possible in coding. He embraced Azure for the lack of need for bare metal maintenance and the easy usage of expert platforms. Behind talking REST all day and having a containerized heart for technology, he is also a true family man. In the time that is left, Joost tries to play a piece of plain old water polo, admitting to never reaching his former level anymore.

Deploying to Azure using Terraform
🎤 Speaker: Frank van der Peet

When developing cloud-native solutions it is important to easily and reliably manage which resources are being deployed and to which environment. Terraform is an open-source Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solution that gives you complete control over this process. All you need to do is write which resources are needed and how they should be configured, using a simple, easy to read markup language. This session explains the fundamentals of Terraform, its best practices and even a few pro-tips.
#About: Frank van der Peet
Frank is a Software Engineer at Capgemini with a passion for technology. Besides being a seasoned .NET developer, he has years of experience developing application for iOS. He is always looking for ways to learn and apply new technologies, whether it's cloud-native, CI/CD, container orchestration, or Infrastructure-as-Code. When he's not at his desk he loves to cook fancy meals for friends and family, explore the slopes of the French Alpes, or go to the cinema to watch a movie.

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