This evening, we will focus on web components who are a hot topic for a lot of big companies nowadays. Ton will explain what they are, and why and how to use them. Then, Maarten will take a look at some of today's most used frameworks and implement web components in an application.

#Event Schedule
19:30 - 19:35 – Welcome
19:35 – 20:15 – Web Components under the hood
20:15 - 20:55 – Implementing Web Components
20:55 - 21:00 – Bye-bye

Web Components under the hood
🎤 Speaker: Ton Hordijk

Web components are a hot topic for a lot of big companies nowadays. But I hear you thinking: what are web components? Why should I use them? What does it bring me? In this session, I will try to shine some light in the web component darkness.
#About: Ton Hordijk
Ton is a managing software engineer at Capgemini, with a specialism in frontend development. With over 10 years of experience at some of the biggest financial institutions in the Netherlands, he gained a lot of experience in working with the latest frontend technologies on an enterprise level. In the last few years, he focused on working with web components and can't wait to share his passion for the topic with you!

Implementing Web Components
🎤 Speaker: Maarten Dekker

Now that you know the concepts of web components, what would be a good way to implement them? Let's have a look at some of the most used frameworks.
#About: Maarten Dekker
Maarten is a Front End Developer with a taste for JavaScript applications. He is a very broadly experienced Web Developer who has been responsible for creating dozens of company websites and web applications in Vanilla JS, React, Vue and many other frameworks.

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