If you ask a random colleague to name a few things they value about Capgemini, nine times out of ten you will hear the answer “the training opportunities.” We believe that our employees and their expertise have a great share in our success. That is why from your first day onwards, we want to support you in developing your competences and skills. And you have access to hundreds of training and knowledge sessions from our All-you-can-train program, the Capgemini Academy, Capgemini University and Advantage You.

All-you-can-train program

If you join us, you can make unlimited use of our All-you-can-train concept. That means that you can follow an unlimited number of group training courses that match your personal goals. This allows you to choose from more than 500 training courses, giving you the opportunity to develop yourself both personally and in your field.

Capgemini Academy

Want to become more successful in your role or amass more knowledge in your field? The Capgemini Academy offers you all the training and education you need. At Capgemini, you have the freedom to choose your own path and therefore to decide which training courses best fit with that. So you are always in control of your own career. Curious about the training courses offered by Capgemini Academy? 

Capgemini University

You will find the Capgemini University at a unique and exclusive location in Paris. Here colleagues from all corners of the world meet and share knowledge. A number of training programs that help our colleagues further develop their skills also take place here on the international level.
Capgemini University

Advantage you

Not only our training and education courses, but also our own employees are a source of information and a fount of knowledge. And they are happy to share this knowledge with others. That is why we have the Advantage You program here at Capgemini. As part of this program, colleagues organize different knowledge sessions and workshops to catch other colleagues up on the latest trends and newest technologies. So we help each other to become - and remain - genuine professionals in our field.

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