In this constantly changing (digital) world, organizations have to be able to quickly respond to their environment. Because you want nothing more than to be and remain successful, after all. Sometimes organizations can use some extra help in this regard. Whether this means an objective set of eyes or special expertise.

As a management consultant, you are not sent in if an organization is right on track and everything is running smoothly. You are called in precisely when there are complex issues or (major) organizational changes. And you take a seat right next to the senior management. So you really make an impactful contribution to an organization.

Below are some of the expertise areas in Management Consulting in which you could work as a consultant:
  • Innnovation, Strategy & Design
  • Customer Transformation
  • Intelligent & Sustainable Operations
  • Corporate Experience
  • Workforce & Organization
  • Business Technology
  • Enterprise Data & Analytics

What we do in Management Consulting

As a management consultant, you get to work at Capgemini Invent, a division of Capgemini Nederland which helps leaders at various large (national and international) organizations prepare for the future. In order to remain relevant for customers as a digital leader and to stay ahead of the competition. We offer them our full support in various areas: from strategy through to implementation. One time we might be helping formulate a new vision, strategy or business process, for instance, and the type of leadership that involves. Another time we might be helping draft and implement a plan for collecting and using data or introducing new security guidelines throughout the organization. Because of the different projects and types of organization, no two assignments are the same.


The institute

If you join us as a consultant, we will not throw you in the deep end straight away of course. With The Institute’s extensive program, we help you on your way with various courses, training sessions and on-the-job training opportunities. And did we mention that this is an international program? So you also learn immediately what it is like to work in an international consulting environment, with Young Professionals from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The training and courses take place outside the Netherlands as well, therefore.

Capgemini Academy and Capgemini University

Have you already been working as a (management) consultant for some time? Then you skip The Institute and immediately start working on various (national or international) assignments. After all, you already have a good deal of knowledge and experience. But even as a mid-level or senior consultant, you are never finished learning, of course. It is helpful to constantly brush up on your knowledge in this rapidly-changing world. That is why we give you extensive opportunities to follow training and courses offered by our specialists, via our Capgemini Academy in the Netherlands or Capgemini University near Paris.

Could Management Consulting be an interesting option for you?

You advise and assist senior management and the board of directors on the strategic level. What makes the work so much fun is that there is an enormous amount of variety and people really trust in your expertise. After all, you are the person viewing the organization from the outside for them and you are brought in to make real changes. Even if it sometimes ends up being just a very small change that does a lot of good. The impact can be enormous in that case. You work in mixed teams of colleague consultants and internal employees from the organization. And precisely this latter fact is what makes working as a consultant at Capgemini so unique. Curious about your possibilities? Check out our job openings.
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