So, your first several years of work experience are behind you. Now you have a better idea of what really interests you. You have discovered what you are good at, what you enjoy, but you are not done exploring. You believe that you are never finished learning, as do we. And that works out nicely, because at Capgemini, we take you a lot further. We offer an all-you-can-train program, which literally means that you can choose anything.

Freedom is something we strongly believe in. So you decide. What direction do you want to go in, what do you still want to learn and for what types of organizations do you want to work? Do you want to focus on the financial world, retail or government? The choices abound. That is where you find the most interesting projects, which really have an impact. It is up to you to put your own stamp on our innovations.

And you don’t do it alone. We work with many motivated and dedicated colleagues. We don’t limit our interactions to the office. We get together outside of work as well. At the bar, at the movies, while running, during events. This ensures that we are perfectly in tune with each other, because we understand each other’s motivation and interests. What drives you??
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