The great thing about being a project manager is that the project can include various (sometimes unknown) technologies. Sometimes your project is an SAP upgrade, other times it involves the migration of complete document management systems.

What we do in Project Management

You can choose from various methods when managing projects. At Capgemini, we work with methods like PRINCE2, LEAN, Agile and the Capgemini Project Management Method: UPM. An Agile framework that we often use is Scrum; a flexible way of creating our software products.

You can imagine that the work in project management is very diverse. Upgrading systems, building websites or taking over entire IT departments during a transition, for instance. As a project manager, you monitor that the client’s wishes are being followed through on and ensure that the project will also be financially successful for all the parties involved.


Your work as project manager requires many different skills and areas of knowledge. That is why we offer you an extensive package of training and education courses. Via our All-you-can-train program, the possibilities are endless. Popular training courses among our Young Professionals include:
  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Project-based working
  • Agile Projectmanagement Foundation
But even as a mid-level or senior professional, you are never finished learning, of course. Popular training courses include:
  • Changemanagement
  • Managing successful programmes
  • Management of Portfolios

Could Project Management be an interesting option for you?

The diversity is enormous. One moment you may be working on a technical project, the next you could be discussing the project with a client. For example, involving a transition of various systems. Besides the diversity among projects, there is also much diversity among sectors/clients and the colleagues with whom you must get the job done. So there is always variety, and it is always challenging.
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