You have already seen quite a bit in your career. Because of this, you are an inspiration for colleagues with less experience. You are happy to provide this inspiration, but you also get excited about interesting projects, pleasant partnerships and new challenges. You are never too old to learn. Your sentiments exactly.

Your development

Our all-you-can-train concept appeals to you. Countless training and education courses to make sure you get even better at your job. Or perhaps you think it is high time for a change and want to let your expertise loose on a different type of software or in a different sector. At Capgemini, you are given the freedom to grow in or towards the role that is the best fit for you.

Your colleagues at Capgemini are often like-minded, people with whom you can spar or share knowledge easily. That is how you come up with the best ideas together. From behind your desk or during after-work drinks, you have the best conversations and together you reach new insights or even forge new friendships. At Capgemini, we offer you the opportunities presented by a big company, coupled with an atmosphere that feels like a small business.
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