In our digital society good working software is essential. Because no matter how quickly an app goes live, once it crashes 3 times, it is deleted from your phone. How do we ensure that this not come at the expense of the value of the end user? Or of the company? It certainly has changed the testing profession! Testers are now the Quality Heroes who help build good software.

At Capgemini, we have divided Testing into five specializations. Mendix, Automation, SAP, Agile/DevOps and End-to-end. As a tester you have influence on the choice for specialization. Do you like variety? Then you can switch specializations per assignment. Capgemini is happy to help you with this by offering various training courses through our own academy to expand your knowledge. Rather become an expert within your specialization? Of course you can. You will join a team of specialists who will help you become stronger in your specialization.

What we do in Quality Engineering & Testing

From a payment app to a travel planner. At Capgemini, we help various large (international) organizations on their way with our IT solutions. For example, you can work for the government, retail organizations, energy suppliers or financial institutions. We help these organizations by providing insight into the business value delivered by the software. And we deal with issues of Shift Left (test early) and Shift Right (test often). We also think about how to integrate complex applications.
Many of our colleagues are, both within and outside their day to day activities, often involved in socially relevant topics, such as Environmental Sustainability, Digital Inclusion/Digital Accessibility and Diversity & Inclusion.


For starting testers, we offer the Testing Masterclass. This is a training program which teaches you everything you need to know for your first assignment as a Tester. The following training courses are offered, among others:
  • Testing in Theory and Practice
  • TMAP®: Quality for cross-functional teams
  • Test Automation Fundamentals
  • Java Basics
  • Selenium Cucumber Webdriver

Could Quality Engineering & Testing be an interesting option for you?

Do you want to contribute to a better end product? Do you always see the loopholes in the rules, and do you want to solve this in a creative and constructive way in a team? Then Quality Engineering & Testing is probably something for you! Did we make you curious? Take a look at our vacancies and discover your possibilities!

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